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Shiatsu treatment with Mark Pogson


Shiatsu ("finger-pressure" in Japanese) is an oriental healing art based on stimulating the flow of Ki or Chi (life energy) through the body. It helps to maintain good health, promotes relaxation, and can help many stress-related problems. 

What to expect

Shiatsu is a gentle but powerful therapy which combines dynamic stretches, rotations, massage and acupressure to smooth the flow of Ki/Chi and move the body/mind/spirit towards a more harmonious state. It shares its roots with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and uses a range of meridians (energy channels) and points (Tsubos).

Sessions last around an hour - usually laying on a futon on the floor, although seated treatments are also effective.  Some aspects of the treatment may cause a little short-lived discomfort or highlight tender areas (often where energy is blocked) but this leads to an overall sense of wholeness, and you'll leave feeling both relaxed and energised, with a sensation of having awoken from a restful sleep.

Watch this video to learn more about Shiatsu and its benefits.

I offer home visits for Shiatsu treatments in and around the Stranraer area. To find out more or book a treatment with Mark: 

Email or

Ring 07772 850026

Shiatsu with funky lighting

"90 minutes with Mark released months of tension and years of stiffness from my body. He's one of the best body workers around!"  

Neil, Managing Director

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