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Mark practicing Qigong on beach

Health and wellbeing the Eastern way

Welcome to my website. I am a qualified Shiatsu practitioner and Qigong teacher living in a quiet corner of Dumfries and Galloway in Scotland. As well as working locally, I run workshops and offer treatments at festivals and conferences, and I run online classes and workshops for those who are further afield

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About Me

Hello - I'm Mark Pogson, Shiatsu Practitioner and Qigong Teacher

After nearly 20 years as an established practitioner - running Shiatsu clinics and teaching Qigong in Somerset and Bath - I  relocated to Drummore in the autumn of 2022, to the most southwesterly corner of Scotland, where I enjoy a lifestyle that is integrated with nature's elements. I'm excited to be bringing my skills and passion for Eastern healing arts to this area and am focusing on building a local client base as well as on rewilding our 4-acre field and planting trees to increase biodiversity and  create a haven for nature.

Work with me

I run both online and face-to-face Qigong classes and workshops. These are suitable for those who are new to the practice as well as experienced practitioners.

I provide Shiatsu treatments for clients in the convenience of their own home in the Stranraer area.

Mark practicing Qigong in front of sculptures
Mark teaching Qigong End of the Road Festival


"90 minutes with Mark released months of tension and years of stiffness from my body. He's one of the best body workers around!"  

Neil, Managing Director

"Blessed shiatsu, it is simply the best remedy ever - in the right hands!"  Diane W.

"Thanks for the amazing healing massage - it really was unforgettable; and made a significant difference to my well being."  End of the Road Festival-goer

"Mark's expert advice and ability to quickly put others at ease were a real positive, as was the quality of the treatments he provided."  Peter Barnes, Vice Principal, Kingsthorpe College



"Mark is a wonderful Qigong Teacher combining a practical and spiritual approach to the discipline. He makes it accessible and inspiring to the novice and is ever helpful and encouraging."  Frances, Artist


"Mark's Qigong classes offer a warm welcome and an acceptance of where the student is in her/his knowledge and practice. The balance of practice, teaching, rest, chat and space is just right."    Alan, retired 

"Just beautiful - I left Friday's class feeling deeply moved and deeply met. Thank you."  Fionnuala, Bath Qigong class




"There is a lot of expertise and knowledge which Mark shares unobtrusively with the class.  An excellent melding together of the practice and of the ineffable ideas and way of life which underpin it.  Mark teaches movement and posture in a very encouraging way and provides a very good place to do Qigong."  Alan, Bath Qigong class

"I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the classes. I find your approach so helpful  with just the right balance between fun and challenge. It allows me to engage with it as mindful movement, a moving meditation which is just what I have been looking for, so thank you."   Ali, Qigong student

What People Say...

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